My Books

My four books currently in print include a travelogue, a narrative nonfiction history of a railroad boomtown, a full color photo essay / history book, and a technical how-to book for an extreme sport. My research has taken me the length of the Trans Mongolian and most of the Trans Siberian railroads, into the hills of Pennsylvania and to the coast of India, deep into local history in New England and into the living rooms of subjects from coast to coast. Who knows what's next...beyond the three manuscripts currently ready for publishers, that is!


Books I've Edited

Not all of my other projects are confidential. These are a few of the books in print that I've edited. Though I don't write many of these genres myself, it's still a lot of fun--and great practice to round my skills as a writer and editor--working with such a variety of authors to develop their stories, edit their copy, and consult on writing and publishing in general. I'm extremely grateful for their trust in my skills and abilities!

Literary Magazines

My publishing credits in literary magazines include Dartmouth College's Stonefence Review and Woodsmoke, as well as the lit mags Janus, Ad Libitum, Lightnin' Ridge, and more. I served as editor of the Portland Pie Council Cookbook and Literary Magazine, as well as serving as prose editor for Janus.

Newsstand Magazines

I've edited consumer-interest magazines for Beckett Media and Harris Publications (titles by request). My articles are widely featured across industries, including trade magazines and newspapers, while my photography graces the covers of numerous magazines and often accompanies my text. A central theme runs through most of my periodical journalism: consumer-interest pieces, how-to articles, gear reviews, industry news, and other pieces covering extreme sports, competitive shooting, and related outdoor interests. These communities have supported my career for many years, including supporting my paintball book with an international book tour. I'm forever grateful to my local newspapers, the paintball community, and the shooting, hunting, and outdoors trade publications that print me!

Brief Bibliography

I've published a lot. Here is a little bit more about that, without going into too many boring specifics about old news...

Literary Magazines

Dishes by Sunset, (photo) Ad Libitum, Spring 2009 vol 7, pg 21
Aloise, Shoveling, Ad Libitum, Spring 2009 vol 7, pg 17
The Raiders, Woodsmoke, 2007-8, pg32
Bunkhouse Morning, (photo) Woodsmoke, 2007-8, pg32
4th Degree Burn, Stonefence Review, Fall 2004 vol 26 #1, pg 13
Tribulations and Triumphs of a Deer Hunter, Lightnin Ridge, 2004 vol 1 Issue 5, pg43
Coffee Shop, Janus, 2004, pg11
4th Degree Burn,* Janus, 2004 pg55
The Visitor,* Janus, 2004 pg69

Newsstand Publications

Action Pursuit Games
Beckett Media (various titles)
Clarion Journal
Gun World
Harris Publications (various titles)
Monroe County Independent
NH ToDo Magazine
Paintball 2 Xtremes
Paintball Magazine
Paintball News

Paintball Sports
Tactical Life
Tactical World

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