Feature Writing

I began writing for newspapers and magazines in 2001, and have over a thousand articles in print across multiple industries--from hard news to consumer product reviews, industry trend reporting to humor. I've written pop culture pieces for websites, travel writing for newspapers, and reported on sporting trends from the jungles of southeast Asia.

Please reach out if your magazine, lit mag, or newspaper, has content needs I can fill. I'm always eager for my next bylines.

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I've served as magazine editor for Beckett Media and Harris Publications, as well as editing books for a variety of corporate and individual clients. I thrive in deadline-driven environments with clear editorial goals and focused content (and realistic budgets to pay my contributors).

I also work with other authors to develop their books for publication, from basic copy editing through advanced theme, voice, character, and narrative development for fiction and nonfiction alike.

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Speaking Engagements

In addition to regular book talks in support of my titles, I host a variety of speaking engagements and special events for social groups (like Rotary Club), schools, and libraries. I've appeared on television and radio, on panels including at the Maine Festival of the Book, and spoken to high school and college groups about being a professional writer.

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I would love to organize a book talk at your store, or special appearance at your venue, if we can work out a relevant angle for your audience.

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Corporate Communications Writing

I also write press releases, website copy, and other corporate communications for a short list of established clients. If your company needs on-target copy for consumer-facing media or internal communications, I can certainly help out...whether that's editing what you've generated in-house, or writing fresh content. Let me know...

...but at heart I'm an author

Let's talk about the four hours a day clients can't buy my time--that's my minimum writing window for working on my own books, essays, stories, and other content. I deeply appreciate the paying gigs that keep my byline hot and support my family, but what I'm really here for is to write excellent books with engaging insights, and to tell stories that you'll remember. So those hours aren't for sale...even though, dear publishers, the manuscripts are.

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In 2004, a crack young journalist was sent to Dartmouth College to earn a Master’s degree. He eventually escaped to the Portland underground, where he refuses to get an office job. Today, still valiantly holding out against cubicle life, he survives as an author, freelance writer, and literary soldier of fortune. If you have a writing problem…if no one else can help…and if you can click right here…maybe you can hire, Dave Norman.