I Wanted a Cactus

So there I was, about to be a dad, exploring the aisles of Planet Baby for the first time...alone. This excerpt about confronting the practical side of becoming a father comes from my nonfiction manuscript tentatively titled I Wanted a Cactus -- Adventures of a Reluctant Father. The complete manuscript is ready for publishers; this sample is ready for you!


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Following Josh (2011)

My most recent book, "Following Josh," has enjoyed some excellent reader reviews on Amazon, LibraryThing, and elsewhere, since its publication! Have you read it yet?

Whether drinking with nomads in Mongolia, dining with locals in Seoul, or exploring Russian paintball combat with a "retired" Soviet arms dealer, my blend of humor and history is meant to make the adventure come alive.

At its core, this narrative nonfiction story is about two friends reuniting on an epic adventure by railroad across Eurasia, carefully told against a backdrop of vivid travel writing. Trapped together in stuffy Russian rail cars and cheap hostels, we realize just how far apart we've grown...and what it takes to start anew--in friendship as well as in life.

Reader Barb302 from LibraryThing wrote: "what is refreshing about this book is how honestly Norman writes about the trials and tribulations of their travels. If you like travel books this one is a winner...with intersting info on many places in Eurasia and wonderful descriptions of both people and scenery."

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